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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Hip- hops Future- Predictions, Doubts and Forbes List.

Hip- hop; from humble beginnings to being arguably the most popular genre of today, hip- hop has endured and changed throughout time. Different styles, flows, instrumentals, instruments and even the trend of blending genres are a part of the hip- hop we see today. Like many guys in my generation, I grew up on hip- hop so it holds a very close and dear part of my heart. This love I have for hip- hop has brought me to this post, the last post I will be doing on this blog. 

In this post I want to discuss and try to come to terms with the hip- hop world I expect to see in the next few years.The main trend in hip- hop today, is just the actual sound of hip- hop/ rap. Before, beats were made using DJ’s who cut samples and created sounds. Today, this still takes place; however, it is much different process with a much different end product. If you haven’t noticed already, hip- hop is starting to merge with electronic/ rave- type sounds with emphasis on bass more than lyrics. I guess my biggest worry is just lyrical content moving forward; the new beats I can live with, but the artistry must remain intact. 

Here’s a look at the top 5 richest rappers in the world right now and moving forward.
1.      P- Diddy- ($500 million)
2.      Jay- Z- ($450 million)
3.      Dr. Dre- ($250 million)
4.      Birdman- ($110 million)
5.      50 Cent- ($100 million)

I was pretty surprised to see 50 cents name among the top dogs, but the other guys are seemingly right where they should be. Hip- hops future is very bright and never in doubt; I mean, hip- hop has survived a lot and is capable of over-coming anything really. Thanks for your time and support guys!!
One Love,


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rap and Raptors- Toronto, Canada.

Rap in Canada really seems to be on the rise, and this is especially true in the nation’s biggest city- Toronto, Ontario. At the same time, Canada is also making a noticeable and increasing contribution to basketball with more and more talented Canadians playing college basketball; while some are even picked to play pro in the draft (Anthony Bennett for example). 

Yes, it seems that now more than ever Canada is really starting to establish a reputation for being more than just a good hockey team.

Another example of the power Canada seems to have on pop-culture today is Drake and Justin Beiber. They hit the industry like a storm, and since have become two of the biggest celebrity’s in the world. In Toronto, Drake is doing all he can to put the city on the map for good. He’s signed/ worked with suck local artist as: The Weeknd, PartyNextDoor, P-Reign. Along with what Drake has been doing for the city with his music, he is also working with the revamping Raptors as marketing partner. The Raptors have always been a slightly poor team, but the fans support has never been stronger and the playoffs are perhaps still in the cards for them this season. Every year since Drake’s establishment in the game, he throws an annual musical festival in Toronto for all the fans that brought him from the bottom to here. With surprise performances from major names, the festival is a huge draw and the fans couldn’t be more supportive.


1.      Crew Love- Drake ft. The Weeknd.
2.      R.A.I.N. - PartyNextDoor.
3.      In My Hood- P- Reign.

Rap in the city and the ball for the Raptors both seem to have quite a bright future, and I’m excited to see the impact both have on culture at home and around the world. 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Top 20 Rappers- Dead or Alive.

Hope everyone is doing well this week; for a change, I would like to touch base on the toughest question for any hip-hop fan to answer with 100% certainty- who are the best rappers of all time? The reason why it’s the difficult question it is; is because, there are too many variables to account for to determine who the best really is. For instance, when I compare Tupac to Biggie, I always say Tupac is the better artist because of the type of power he had in culture and his musical content which is more immense than biggies. 

Although it is basically impossible to create a top 20 list of the best rappers and not feel like you’ve messed everything up; however if you follow a criteria, the list starts to make a little more sense. The criteria I will use for this particular list will be: Content, Success and Cultural Impact. 

This is my list of the Top 20 Rappers, dead or alive.

  1. Tupac
  2.  Nas
  3.  Eminem
  4.    Jay- Z
  5.    Biggie
  6.    Jadakiss
  7.   Guru (Gangstarr)
  8.    AZ
  9.   Big Pun
  10.   Big Daddy Kane
  11.   E-40
  12.   Common
  13.   Cam’ron
  14.   Bun-B
  15.   LL Cool J
  16.  Dr. Dre
  17.  Snoop Dogg
  18.   Lauryn Hill
  19.   Lil Wayne
  20.   Left Eye

As I stated before, this list only represents the top rappers that fit into the qualification criteria. This is by no means the order or selections in which I would pick for the best-ever list. Until next week, keep safe and keep your ears perked for fresh sounds and eyes open for crazy news.


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Vybez Kartel, Guilty of Murder.

Welcome to another week of hip- hop weekly, this week I’m going to be talking about some music your ears should hear; however, the big story this week is that of Vybez Kartel!
If you don’t know who Vybez is, he is a Jamaican artist that has makes dance-hall music and has had a 15 year career as one of the superstars of the genre. He has worked with artists such as: Rhianna, Pitbull, Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes

Before I go any farther, I will reiterate that I was a big fan of some of the stuff he made and the story that follows is one of opportunity and talent gone completely to waste....

This Thursday, Vybez Kartel’s 65 day trial for the murder of 27-year-old, Clive "Lizard" Williams, ended with a verdict of guilty. Kartel and 3 members of his entourage were found guilty and are awaiting sentencing. The incident happened in 2011, in-front of Kartels home and that’s where Williams was beaten to death by the men over two missing guns. Busta Rhymes was in attendance to show support for the country and people that raised him, and to support, both the Kartel family and the victim’s family. I think it was good for Busta to show support, and as he hints to, being in support of the system if it works. Vybez killed a man, and should face any and every consequence of that action. Here’s some track that Vybez’ has ‘killed’ ha-ha. 

1.      Summertime- Vybez Kartel
2.      My Crew- Vybez Kartel
3.      Go Go Wine- Vybez Kartel
4.      Let Me Out- Vybez Kartel